Doing what we do best


  • Charter parties and bills of lading disputes
  • Marine casualties, salvage and towage
  • Marine Insurance
  • Shipbuilding, conversion and repair
  • Ship sale and purchase; and vessel demolition
  • Corporate shipping, ship finance and enforcement of mortgages


  • Physical trading
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Trade finance
  • Disputes relating to shipment and trading contracts
  • Liquified natural gas
  • Exploration and mining
  • Trading and credit risk management

Prevention is better than a cure

With the benefit of hindsight or foresight, many disputes can be avoided or minimised.

Legal risk management

You can draw on all our award-winning experience to help you navigate common pitfalls in business. This includes reviewing and advising you on your contracts and counterparties; understanding and identifying various risks in your operations; and assisting you in restructuring your business operations.

Disputes resolution

Gathering the right evidence and knowing the right questions to ask is just as important as knowing the law and your rights. What you need is legal representation that is objective rather than subjective, in order to better understand when you are likely to win or lose a case.